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Resin is coloured then moulded to give a 3D effect of cascading water!.

The beauty of our oceans, lagoons, reefs and waterfalls has inspired me to work these wonders into art.  Using a rustic slate as a base, the texture just adds to the depth and sumptuous richness of the various shades of metallic pigments of turquoise, deep rich blues, greens and pearlescent frothy whites that are layered over and through this piece. As the resin is highly reflective, it becomes almost luminescent when the light catches it creating a most stunning 3 dimensional effect. It also changes according to the type of light and time of day.. A piece that seems to constantly change!

Seeing just a flat picture of my resin art doesn't do it justice.. So...PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT MY SHORT VIDEO (on the resin page) SHOWING AN EXAMPLE OF THE TRUE DEPTH AND BEAUTY OF RESIN ART WHEN IT CATCHES THE LIGHT ;-)

I have layered high quality resin with acrylics, shimmer pigments, these are then fused together using my blowtorch and it is this that creates the complexity of textures and various dimensions of the colours. Each layer requires 24 to 48 hours to cure before the next is applied, so some pieces can take several days. I have then moulded the 'waves' whilst it was semi cured to create this fabulous 3D effect.


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