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Deni Lauchlan

The reason...

A Love of Art, pure and simple...

Working from my studio in a pretty hamstone village in South Somerset, my art is mainly in abstract form and is inspired by the shimmering beauty of Earth's minerals and the colours and depth of the oceans and it's stunning reefs & islands, so my work combines the wonders of our beautiful planet to create fabulous works of art.

I work on slate, cradled birch ply and wood as well as canvas.  My art is always evolving and I love to play with various textures and mixed media, using plaster, acrylics, rich pigments, flaked mica, sand, gold leaf, coffee grounds, vermiculite, fireglass and more! The majority of work is then finished with layers of resin which is then blow torched.  All of this can take days or weeks to create a piece but the results are always an eye catching & highly reflective piece of art which also encourages the onlooker to come up close to touch and feel as well. 

I have exhibited at the Contemporary Art Fair in Surrey, the Bath Contemporary Art Fair and the Taunton Brewhouse.  My work has also featured in the art edit of House & Garden Magazine and is currently at The Martock Gallery in Somerset. 

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